Child’s Street

South Kensington

  •   Location: South Kensington, London
  •   Status: Completed
  •   Area: 1,647 sqft / 150 sqm
  •   RIBA Workstage: 0-4

Child Street.

This is a two storey house located within the conservation area of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Our client had a specific brief for this project. We were asked to redesign the layout of the ground floor to incorporate a new moderate in size glass and timber frame extension to the property. Being a sustainable firm, we were keen to design the extension with sustainable materials. The glazing forming the extension has a higher thermal resistant then what was normally required, thereby providing better insulation to the property and reducing the energy demands needed for heating the property to a comfortable temperature.

Within the upper floor we successfully obtained planning permission to provide a roof new light to the staircase landing and stairwell.

All these changes to the original layout of the building resulted in a building which appears to be more spacious and brighter.