Buckingham Gate ii

Westminster, London

  •   Location: Westminster, London
  •   Status: Completed
  •   Area: 18,514sq ft / 1720sq m
  •   RIBA Workstage: 0-6

The façade of the Buckingham Gate is of historical value as parts of it reflect the mid- eighteenth century residential development in this part of London and contributes directly to the historical planned landscape.The interior of the building, and the exterior behind the retained façade, dating from the 1970s and later, holds no historical value of any serious merit.


The proposed alterations to the building are confined to the 1970s and 80s fabric behind the retained historic façade. It is proposed to make sensitive repairs to the façade, and this work will be undertaken to ensure that the historic and aesthetic value of this part of the building is conserved.



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